Is The Intervention Process Necessary?

What is an intervention and is this process necessary in every case? An intervention is held when an individual has a substance abuse or addiction problem that is not being treated and the individual refuses to seek help on their own. Friends, family members, and others in the individual’s life may arrange to have an intervention held so that the person sees just how destructive their actions are and how these affect everyone around them. A common myth is that the individual must want help, otherwise an intervention will not work. This type of meeting is stressful for everyone, and those who attend may fear that the subject of the intervention may become angry or hateful. Having professional intervention assistance is important for many reasons.




A professional intervention consultant can help in many ways. This individual can help direct the focus of the intervention and make sure that things do not get out of hand. The objective is to make the person who has the problem see just how their actions and behavior hurt others, and to show them that there is help available. Without a professional in charge an intervention meeting may quickly turn into a session full of hurt and anger that is not productive, and this could alienate the person rather than making them want to seek help. The professional intervention consultant can also help arrange for appropriate treatment once the individual agrees to undergo treatment, and also chaperone the individual to the treatment facility of needed as well. This type of assistance can make an enormous difference in the outcome that an intervention has.


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