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synthetic marijuan is featuring more and more heavily in teen drug use

Synthetic marijuana is gaining in popularity in spite of all the warnings about dangers and teen drug use, and some people wonder if this popularity shows that the synthetic version of the drug is safer and less risky that actual weed. The truth is that synthetic marijuana is like playing Russian roulette, you never know what you will end up with and you could lose everything because of a single decision that you make. Synthetic products are herbs and other plant material that has been sprayed with chemicals and compounds which are intended to mimic the THC in real marijuana. These chemicals can be different from one product to the next, and the formulations change as laws and law enforcement play catch up and ban certain analogs.

Teen drug use is a big concern today, and teens are one of the groups where synthetic marijuana has grown in popularity. Emergency Rooms across North America have seen more patients come in under the influence of synthetic marijuana, and treating these patients can be very problematic. Since there is no single drug the emergency room staff can not run a single test to determine whether the patient took this type of product, and most patients will not admit to substance abuse when things go bad. Synthetic marijuana is also often much more powerful than the natural plant version, so the user has a higher risk of an overdose. There have even been deaths reported from these products, and serious side effects like aggression and catatonia.