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Some things to watch for include:

addiction symptoms, substance abuse signs

  • Responsibilities that have been previously handled are being neglected. The individual may not be doing well at home, work, or school.
    Bills may not being paid on time anymore and children may not be taken care of properly.
  • Relationship problems are arising because of the substance abuse. When this topic is approached the user may become defensive or angry, claiming that their drug or alcohol use is under control and not a problem.
  • Activities that the user enjoyed in the past are no longer a focus. As substance abuse and addiction sets in the user may spend more  time looking for the substance of choice, or trying to come up with money to afford these purchases. Old friends and favorite hobbies are neglected as the user continues the downward spiral of addiction, and new friends with similar issues may start to appear. Those  who use drugs or alcohol may tend to find companions who share these interests.
  • Chronic financial problems can be a big sign, especially if the user has a good income and this was never a problem before. Even alcohol can be expensive and this substance is legal. When illegal drugs are preferred this can increase the cost of the habit considerably.

Valiant Recovery can help if a friend or family member has a problem and needs effective substance abuse treatment.

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Below are the typical phases of recovery that we help our clients go through.  In each phase we take great care and consideration to make sure that our clients are getting the support that they need to dramatically increase the chances of living a sober life free from substance abuse and addiction.


Intervening on an person with an addiction can be stressful, scary, and hard on all who are involved. For this reason we offer Intervention Assistance.


Detox can reduce the risk of dangerous complications while minimizing withdrawal symptoms. We help by offering caring and supportive 24 hr staff.


Addictions are outward responses to internal wounds. Although the outside actions(addiction) need to be treated, we focus on  what cannot be seen, the “initial (internal) wound.”


Our Sober living house offers a positive living environment and the peer support that is crucial to preventing relapse.