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Each type of rehab will have certain benefits and also potential drawbacks as well. It is important to compare the two program types so that you can make the best choice for your situation and substance abuse needs. An inpatient program will offer more structure, meal preparation and other domestic necessities are taken care of for you, and you get treatment while being isolated from the world so that your main focus is on overcoming your substance abuse problems. When you use a residential program you have access to therapy every single day, and there are counselors and other professionals available whenever they are needed.When selecting substance abuse treatment, it is necessary to choose between inpatient vs outpatient programs.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment does not involve staying at a residential facility the way that inpatient treatment does. Therapy and counseling are not as easy to access, and you will need to go to the location where the therapy is offered. With outpatient treatment you are still exposed to all of the same stresses, people, and temptations. This can make a relapse more likely because you are still in the same old environments and settings associated with past substance abuse. You also still have to deal with household chores, meal preparation, and other issues that are handled for you when you choose an inpatient program. Isolation can help you concentrate on your recovery instead of worrying about everything else.