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The problem is that some studies have data and results which conflict with other studies. The latest study in the U.K shows that using e-cigarettes does play a vital role in reducing the risk of smoking among younger people, while a recent study in America found that these products do not help with smoking cessation or reduction. Lead researcher Dr. Neil McKeganey explained the findings and said “There was very little indication amongst the young people interviewed that e-cigarettes were resulting in an increased likelihood of young people smoking. In fact the majority we interviewed, including those who were vaping, perceived smoking in very negative terms and saw vaping as being entirely different to smoking.”

One 18 year old study participant explained during an interview about e-cigarettes and smoking cessation that “I think vaping is having an effect on smoking cigarettes in that it’s taking away from it. People are moving off cigarettes and moving onto vaping.. I think if vaping becomes more common, then smoking is going to become more uncommon because it’s the aspect of quitting. I think vaping will replace smoking”. Another study participant aged 19 stated in their interview “I think it’s usually people who are trying to stop smoking who vape. I mean there is the odd person who does it because it’s cool and that might influence them to want to try smoking, but I think on the whole it’s the other way round. It’s people vaping who have given up smoking.”