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Signs That Sex Addiction Treatment Is Needed

Signs That Sex Addiction Treatment Is Needed

British Columbia sex addiction treatmentSex addiction treatment is a subject that is not discussed anywhere near as often as substance abuse, but this issue is real and needs to be addressed. A sexual addiction can be just as dangerous and destructive as a drug or alcohol addiction. What are some of the signs that sex addiction treatment is needed? According to psychiatrists and other psychological experts there are a number of symptoms that may point out a sex addiction, but just meeting one of the criteria does not necessarily mean an addiction. One of the most common signs that you may need a sex addiction program is if you can not resist sexual urges, even when you consciously understand that these actions could risk your physically safety and the health of any relationship you are in.

Another sign that you may need to seek sex addiction treatment is if you start to become preoccupied with sexual activities and behaviors. This may include spending significant amounts of time online in sex oriented chat rooms or searching through sites that offer sexual content. Sex addiction treatment may also be needed if you can not control the sexual direction of your thoughts even though you attempt to. If you find yourself in legal or financial trouble because of sexual activity and continue with these activities anyway then you may be a prime candidate for sex addiction treatment as well.

According to the statistics it is estimated that around eighteen million people in the USA have a sex addiction, and and could benefit from sex addiction treatment. This statistic is a low estimate, and other studies put the number of people in America with an addiction to sex at roughly twenty four million. As many as five million people spend more than ten hours a week online looking at porn, and many of these viewers spend a lot more than this. If your preoccupation or addiction with sex interferes with your job, your relationships, or any other aspect of your life than you need sex addiction treatment.

If you need a sex addiction program there are a number of things you should consider. You want a program that offers individual and group counseling, and that will give you the tools you need to succeed once your treatment program is completed and you are fully recovered. Sex addiction treatment may seem like a cop out to some, but sex addiction is a legitimate problem that can be devastating to those who suffer from it. If you or someone you know has a problem with sexual compulsions then Valiant Recovery has a program that can help you get the successful results you want.

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