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Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

FAQ regarding Sex Addiction
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Sex Addiction Treatment Information And Statistics
25 million American will view a Cybersex website each week, more than 10 hours a week will be spent visiting online porn sites by 1 out of 5 individuals. This shows a need for sex addiction treatment that is not being met, for a number of reasons. The way that an addiction to sex is viewed as a willpower issue rather than a compulsion, the high costs involved for any sex addiction treatment to be effective, a lack of facilities which offer this treatment are just some of the reasons why this treatment is not widely available.

Sex Addiction Treatment: Truly Needed Or Celebrity Cop Out?
Sex addiction rehab is not just a cop out used by celebrities, this program can help you deal with risky or harmful sexual compulsions which can put your health, relationship, and even your life at risk. If you need a sex addiction program but aren’t sure where to turn, or how to ask for assistance, then Valiant Recovery can help you take your life back. The staff at this facility are professional and caring and understand how to treat this issue so that you get the results you want. Only treatment methods which are highly effective and have been shown to work are used, and Valiant even offers a guarantee when you use this program so that you know you can have an addiction-free future.

Signs That Sex Addiction Treatment Is Needed
Sex addiction treatment may also be needed if you cannot control the sexual direction of your thoughts even though you attempt to. Another sign that you may need to seek sex addiction treatment is if you start to become preoccupied with sexual activities and behaviors. This may include spending significant amounts of time online in sexually oriented chat rooms or searching through sites that offer sexual content. If you find yourself in legal or financial trouble because of sexual activity and continue with these activities anyway then you may be a prime candidate for sex addiction treatment as well.

The Effects of Porn on Sex Addiction
Please watch the video on this page about the effects of porn.

Why Sex Addiction Treatment Is Needed
You might feel that you are a healthy human with a high sex drive, but if sexual urges or compulsions are damaging to your life or relationships then sex addiction treatment is needed. This addiction can cause you to take dangerous risks, and the only way to eliminate these compulsions and the control your urges is sex addiction treatment. Sex addiction treatment is often viewed as a joke, and this is true with both men and women. The truth is that some individuals will develop an addiction to sex, and this addiction can be devastating to personal relationships and other areas of your life as well.

Sex Addiction explained
A person with a sex addiction engages in various forms of sexual activity, despite the potential for negative and/or dangerous consequences. “Sexual addiction” is also associated with “risk-taking”. For some people, sex addiction progresses to involve illegal activities, such as exhibitionism (exposing oneself in public), making obscene phone calls, buying sex, or molestation. However, it should be noted that sex addicts don’t necessarily become sex offenders. in addition to damaging the addict’s relationships and interfering with his or her work and social life, sexual addiction also puts the person at risk for emotional and physical injury.