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One of the things about rehab and post-rehab life is getting back to the normal swing of life. This includes doing things like paying bills, getting a job, going grocery shopping and more. However, just because you’ve been to rehab does not mean finding a job again and getting back into a normal routine will exactly be that easy. But, establishing a routine and making meaningful moves to succeed are a part of your continued success.

After rehab, finding a job should be one of your top priorities – and everything else will be able to flow easier after that. A few barriers that you might run into include:

  • You’ve been out of the workforce for some time most likely and therefore, will have a gap of employment (due to rehab).
  • You might feel uncertain about revealing past substance abuse to a new employer.
  • You might worry about employers discriminating against you.
  • You might worry about the stress that having a new job will bring.

However, a survey done in 2012 says that more than 23 million adults in the United States consider themselves to be in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. And plenty of individuals just like them and just like you have gone on to live successful lives and have successful careers even after rehab.

Once you are nearing the completion of your rehab program, here are a few tips for re-entering the workforce:

  • Search for a resource that will help you with your resume. Most communities have some type of resource and something you could even likely get for free, that help with preparing and editing a resume. You can also take a look at some examples online.
  • Search online and in your local newspaper for opportunities that might be available. While it never hurts to introduce yourself to a business that you would like to work at who might not be looking to hire immediately, it is good to mainly go after those who have shown a desire to hire soon.
  • Find jobs that you are confident about. This is not the best time to try out a job that will push you to your limit – that could lead to a relapse. Try to find a job that you are excited about but confident in, and maybe something you even have experience with.

The best thing you can do is be confident and utilize the sources around you.