Drug Abuse Really Does Destroy Intelligence

A recent report out of California shows that drug abuse really does destroy intelligence, or maybe it is possible that drug dealing is only taken up by the criminally stupid. A methamphetamine dealer in Santa Maria, California made a mistake while texting to set up a drug deal. The dealer sent the texts to a California police officer for the central coast. When the officer received the texts the information contained was immediately given to the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department, and a sting was set up to nab the dumb drug dealer and possibly clients of the dealer as well. Substance abuse occurs in all walks of life and across all intelligence levels, but sometimes the news reports point out that in many cases individuals who get into dealing drugs in the first place are not the geniuses of the world to begin with.drug dealing, methamphetamine

According to Drew Sugars, who is the official spokesperson for the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department, the sting caught two individuals, one a suspected seller and the other a suspected buyer. Reymundo Carlos Escobedo, 39 years old, was caught holding 2 grams of methamphetamine and John Martin Silvera, 37 years old, was caught with about 7 grams of methamphetamine. Police suspect that Silvera is the supplier and Escobedo is the buyer in the relationship. Substance abuse treatment is essential if an addiction to methamphetamine occurs and with these two dealers off the street maybe more people will get a chance for the treatment they so desperately need. The dynamic duo of drug dealing have been charged with several drug charges including a conspiracy charge, and each has a bail amount of $30,000.

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