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Internet addiction, addicted to the Internet

1. Anxiety- Anyone who suffers from anxiety is at a higher risk for developing Internet addiction or PC abuse. When you are anxious the Internet may seem like a welcome distraction but it is very easy for people to become addicted to the online world. You may find that it is hard to pull yourself away and come back to the real world.

2. Depression- Many people who end up addicted to the Internet suffer from depression. You may view surfing and making connections online as a way to fill your time and distract you from feeling blue, but eventually the addiction to the PC or Internet will only cause depression to worsen if it is not treated appropriately.

3. Substance Abuse and Other Addictions- If you have any other addictions then an Internet addiction is a very real possibility. Some people have an addictive personality, and they may go too far with many things.

4. High Stress Levels- You may be at a higher risk for becoming addicted to the Internet if you always seem to have high stress levels. The online world can be an escape from the pressures of the real world, and many believe surfing the web will lower the level of stress that they have.

5. A Lack of Social Connections and Support- Many people who have an Internet addiction also have a lack of social connections and support in the offline world. These individuals may be shy or socially isolated for other reasons, and the online world may seem like an easier place to make friends and build a social support network.