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Lately there has been a lot of talk about drug legalization, and this involves not only marijuana but also other drugs as well. Many claim that this would have benefits, while others believe that the drawbacks would be severe and would harm society. One argument for legalization is that the drug laws often put people in prison who have not hurt anyone but themselves, and that this has a staggering cost for the country as a whole. On the other side is the impact on society if all of these substances were widely available. There are already many deaths each year from alcohol related driving accidents, and if drugs are legal then this rate could skyrocket. These individuals point out that the crime rate could stay the same because of those who steal or rob to get the financial resources needed to buy the required drugs.drug legalization, legalization pros and cons

One concern is the message that taking this move would send to younger generations. They may decide that since these substances are legal they are safe, and that is not true. Even legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol are not safe. Those in favor of this move point out that legal drugs are much harder to get than illegal substances. Studies show that minors have a harder time getting alcohol then they do getting marijuana and other illegal drugs because a buyer must be found who is old enough for an alcohol sale but teens of all ages deal pot and other drugs right at school. There are people on both sides of this issue, and neither shows any signs of compromise.