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Marriage counselling to couples with Addiction

 Family Programs for Help after Addiction

Addiction is devastating to the Family as well as the individual with the addiction problem. But there is Hope for those who have been hurt as a result of addiction. Marriages can be restored, relationships can be rebuilt. There is Hope.


Spouse program

– We include 2 hours of Family counselling with our residential  programs. These sessions usually take place toward the end of the clients stay with us. They can be face to face or even over the phone for families that are just not able to attend in person.

Family friend weekends

– After 2 weeks in program Family and close friends are able to arrange a visit, this is a good opportunity to see the changes that are taking place first hand. Requests for visits will be authorized at the discretion of our counsellors.


– Some times our Loved ones are not a the point where they feel they have a problem. This is where an intervention is appropriate. We can arrange a professionally lead intervention, where we will help raise the bottom of the addict as a way of getting them to accept help and treatment.

Strong marriages

– At Valiant Recovery we believe in strong marriages, there is Hope after addiction, we have seen it time and time again. A strong marriage after addiction is a key part to helping individuals stay clean and sober.

Alcohol Breathalyzer Monitoring

– Having a breathalyzer program in place after treatment, can help restore the broken trust in the Family relationships.