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The Warning Signs Of A Relapse

 A Relapse: The Slide Back Into Alcohol And Drug Addiction

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Knowing and understanding the warning signs of a relapse can help you prevent a slide back into alcohol and drug addiction before this slide can even start to happen. There are some common warning signs that a relapse may occur, and these should be taken seriously as soon as they start to happen. Alcohol and drug addiction is a big problem, and even after treatment with most programs a relapse is a possibility if the treatment chosen does not address the actual spiritual and psychological causes of the emotions that lead to the alcohol and drug addiction in the first place.


Some common signs of alcohol and drug addiction relapse include thought and attitude changes, as well as certain changes in behavior. You will also notice an increase in your stress levels, and little annoyances can cause you to overreact. You start denying that the stress is increasing, even though it is obvious to yourself as well as others. You may also find yourself starting to think about drug or alcohol use, either the substance which fuels your addiction or another one instead. Alcohol and drug addiction relapse does not start when you go back to using, the relapse process starts much earlier than this and follows a predictable road.


If you suffer from an alcohol and drug addiction then it is important you keep watch for the relapse warning signs. You may start to notice some of the common withdrawal symptoms reappear, even though you have not started using again. Alcohol and drug addiction relapse will cause you to deviate from your normal schedule and daily activities, and cause you to think about using again but only in a controlled way. A common symptom of alcohol and drug addiction is thinking that you can control the substance, instead of the other way around.


With the right choice in treatment programs, you can minimize the risk of a relapse with your alcohol and drug addiction. Any treatment that you choose should include both group and individual counseling, because each of these components are necessary if you want to recover completely. Dealing with the underlying trauma or emotions that are causing the alcohol and drug addiction is critical for permanent results. At Valiant Recovery we deal can help you find a life long recovery with very little risk of relapse after you finish treatment.