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Sex Addiction Treatment Information And Statistics

Sex addiction, cheating, relationship, career, reputationSex Addiction Treatment Information And Statistics


Sex addiction treatment is often taken lightly in society, and is only mentioned when a celebrity gets caught cheating and goes into treatment to save a marriage, relationship, or career and reputation. This addiction is very real though, and should not be treated as a joke. Sex addiction treatment is necessary when sexual compulsions create a problem, whether it is legal, marital, or in other areas of your life. Approximately four percent of the population will seek sex addiction treatment, and the number of people who actually suffer from this type of compulsion is probably double this percentage. A lot of people who have this type of addiction never seek treatment, out of embarrassment or for other reasons.


A sex addiction treatment program will examine all of the reasons why you are compelled to engage in sexual activity that you know is harmful, dangerous, or self destructive. Marital infidelity is the number one cause of divorce, and many spouses caught cheating actually love their partner and do not want the marriage to end. Sex addiction treatment will not work if the only reason this treatment is sought is to save a career, reputation, or marriage though. One type of sexual compulsion is online pornography, and many who use this type of material excessively deny that sex addiction treatment is needed or that viewing online porn is even a problem. Yet one out of every four adults engage in this behavior on the job, which is obviously an issue.


Cyber sex websites attract twenty five million American viewers each week, and one in five of these viewers will spend more than ten hours a week visiting online porn sites. This shows a need for sex addiction treatment that is not being met, for a number of reasons. A lack of facilities which offer this treatment, the high costs involved for any sex addiction treatment to be effective, and the way that an addiction to sex is viewed as a willpower issue rather than a compulsion are just some of the reasons why this treatment is not widely available.


If sexual compulsions are devastating your life, ruining your career, or threatening your marriage and family then you need sex addiction treatment. You are not alone, and Valiant Recovery can help you get the treatment that you want and need. We offer a luxury treatment facility and extensive in depth program that can help eliminate your addiction once and for all. We understand that sex addiction treatment must address all of the contributing factors and invisible wounds, and this means a customized treatment plan unique to each client. Many hours each week are spent in one on one counseling, group therapy, and learning skills, which will keep you on the straight path once you leave treatment and help prevent any future relapses.


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