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West Virginia Drug Rehab

Charleston is the capital city of West Virginia, a state located in the eastern USA. More than 1.8 million individuals reside in West Virginia, and a number of these residents have substance abuse issues. Individuals addicted to heroin number over 800, and there are more than 38,000 people in the state who abuse some type of prescription medication. Marijuana is the drug of choice for more than 87,000 people in West Virginia and over 14,000 suffer from an addiction to cocaine. Methamphetamine use is also increasing quickly, and is now a big problem compared to just a few years ago.

In West Virginia there will be over 900 drug offense arrests in a typical month, and approximately 700 individuals will face DUI arrest during a normal month. There are over 5,000 residents who are incarcerated in a West Virginia state prison. In West Virginia 42 people on average will die each month because of alcohol and drug abuse will kill another 9 residents monthly. Drug availability in the state will depend on the specific drug and the area of West Virginia examined. Methamphetamine is extremely popular and the lower availability because of new laws restricting access to manufacturing chemicals has raised the price of this drug.

West Virginia does have heroin but this drug is not available in large amounts on the street. Instead most heroin users sell some of the drug to other addicts in order to supply their own habit. Cocaine is available in both rock and powder varieties and is widely available, especially in more populated areas. Prescription drugs do not have a big piece of the illegal drug market but are abused regularly in West Virginia. Club drugs including LSD and ecstasy are not often found in the state because there is not a large club scene in West Virginia.

The most abused drug in West Virginia is marijuana. Possession of this drug is a misdemeanor, no matter what amount of the drug is possessed. If 15 grams or less of marijuana is found then a conditional discharge is automatic, but larger amounts can result in jail time from 90 days up to 6 month. In addition there is a fine of up to $1,000. Both the sale and the cultivation of marijuana in West Virginia are felony offenses, and this state has a very real problem with large amounts of marijuana being cultivated. Several government agencies have started working together to eliminate the illegal cultivation of marijuana, including local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.