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Hawaii Luxury Drug Rehab Centers

Hawaii Luxury Rehab Treatment Centers


Hawaii Luxury Drug Rehab CentersHawaii is a well known vacation destination and tropical paradise, but this state also struggles with substance abuse and illegal drug traffic just like all the others. There are around 1,25

million people who live on the Hawaiian islands. The capital city of this state is Honolulu, and more than 12,000 individuals will be arrested for drug or alcohol offenses during the year. An average of over 650 people will be arrested each month in Hawaii for drug offenses, and around 6 people will die each month due to drug overdoses. Roughly 500 individuals will be arrested in Hawaii each month for DUI offenses, and approximately 33 people will die every month from alcohol and related circumstances.


The top drug of choice in Hawaii is methamphetamine, especially crystal meth that can be smoked instead of injected or snorted, and this drug has left a trail of devastation across the state. Methamphetamine has become difficult to find in many cases though, and users are often switching to cocaine instead because cocaine is still plentiful in Hawaii. Methamphetamine is smuggled into Hawaii from Mexico and the USA mainland, mainly Los Angeles and other areas of California. The drug is smuggled through postal mail, packages that are privately delivered using UPS and FEDEX for shipping, and by mules who smuggle the drug
in body cavities and luggage.

Marijuana is a drug that Hawaii is famous for, with the tropical climate and exceptional growing conditions ideal for plant to grow and thrive. Some of the strongest marijuana available in the USA comes from Hawaii, and the drug is smuggled through the private delivery services and through human smugglers. In Hawaii there are more than 62,000 residents who use marijuana on a regular basis, and more than 27,000 residents report abusing prescription medications. Over 10,000 residents have reported using cocaine in some form over the last year or two, and close to 5,000 people in Hawaii have used hallucinogenic drugs including LSD. Close to 600 individuals in the state report having a heroin addiction.


Marijuana possession in Hawaii is considered a misdemeanor as long as the amount possessed is less than 1 pound of the drug. Most first time possession offenses end with probation, but marijuana possession can result in a fine up to $2,000 and up to 1 year in jail even for a first offense if more than 1 ounce is possessed. For possession up to 1 ounce the punishment can be up to 30 days in jail and a fine up to $1,000.