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Understanding A Hoarding Addiction

Understanding A Hoarding Addiction

hoardingUnderstanding a hoarding addiction is the first step to getting help, whether you suffer from this problem or someone you know or loves is hoarding. This addiction is actually one that causes you to collect items excessively, and be unable to part with anything that you own even as your home slowly fills up. A hoarding addiction can end up with your home being so cluttered it becomes impossible to navigate, or use the rooms for their intended purpose. Not only does a hoarding addiction affect the life of the person with the problem, it also affects the lives of everyone else who lives in the home or cares about the hoarder.


With a hoarding  you can become addicted to collecting things because it makes you feel good, and eases the emotional and spiritual pain that you feel. An addiction can be any activity, and is simply an inability to stop a behavior even though it is ruining your life or has devastating consequences. A hoarding addiction can be deadly, because in some cases medical help has not been able to reach the injured or ill person  due to the excessive clutter throughout the home. A hoarding addiction can involve any types of items which are collected, even pets.


Anyone who has a hoarding problem may become extremely anxious or suffer panic when faced with discarding even one item or animal out of the many that are owned. Some cases of hoarding are a result of obsession compulsion disorder, but many are simply a hoarding addiction that must be treated completely for an effective cure. The cause of the emotional turmoil and unusual attachment to the items must be examined completely during any treatment for a recovery to be possible. There is no quick fix or magic pill that will eliminate this addiction, but it is possible to recover completely with the right type of treatment.


If you or someone you love suffer from a hoarding addiction there is help available to you. At Valiant Recovery we understand the causes and best treatment methods for any type of addiction, and all treatment plans include at least four hours each week in individual counseling therapy. For your hoarding addiction to be permanently cured it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem and treat this. If this step is not taken your recovery is not complete, and there is a high risk that you will relapse later on.


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