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Royce and LeeAnn Dockrill

Chief Executive Officers.


Royce and LeeAnn together form a strong team, having owned and operated their own businesses for the past thirteen years. They have taken on many challenges in life, and overcome them with confidence and faith. Royce and LeeAnn oversee all the daily aspects of Valiant recovery.


Royce and LeeAnn have a zeal to help others. Their ambition in life was to become successful, for the ultimate purpose of turning around and helping others. When the opportunity arose to become CEOs of Valiant Recovery, they were already looking for ways to help those affected by the trap of addictions. Seeing the devastation that addiction has brought to so many individuals and their families, gave them a passion to see others not merely helped, but truly set free. Valiant Recovery was a perfect fit into Royce and LeeAnn’s vision to help others. Now they bring that passion with them to Valiant Recovery, keeping that vision alive and growing stronger every day with the entire team.


In their spare time Royce and LeeAnn take joy in volunteering. LeeAnn has led different areas and events with Children’s ministries in their local church, and is part of prayer and prophetic ministries. Recently she began a ministry to local women caught in addictions. Royce donates his spare time helping out in the audio department at their local church, and other churches abroad.


God created everyone with a purpose. Our desire is that you would fulfill your God given purpose in life, living your life to its fullest. Life is not just about you, but also about what you can do for others!!!