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Christy Brown


Christy has spent over 10 years of her life doing what she loves; counselling teens, women, men, and couples.  In addition she was a full time youth ministry counsellor for 4 years, and trained and volunteered with Hospice.

Christy has a  passion for people, helping them with challenges and getting to the core reasons,  the WHY behind their addictions, and compulsions.  By helping them work through courses such as co-dependency, boundaries, grief and loss, and forgiveness, she is able to see lives strengthened.  Helping individuals suffering in there marriages and relationships, is one of her favourite areas, she has extensive experience and training in this area as well.

Christy also enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating good  “home style cooking”.

“I enjoy spending time with the clients and getting to know them on a real level and relate to them as a person.  I like to laugh, have fun and have a good sense of humour, because although things might be tough and hard work, it is important to laugh and see the light side as well as dig deep and get things dealt with.”  Christy