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Mental Health Treatment: What It Is And The Treatment Options Available

Mental healthMental Health Treatment: What It Is And The Treatment Options Available


Mental health treatment is important for anyone who has a mental health disorder. Mental health treatment can vary greatly, and the specific treatment methods chosen will depend on a number of different variables. The severity of the mental disorders and the types of symptoms exhibited will help determine whether outpatient or inpatient treatment is required, because some disorders and symptoms may require hospitalization if the individual is deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others. Available Mental health treatment options can include:



Mental health treatment that is provided on an outpatient basis must include a support system, and the individual must not be considered a threat to their own safety or the safety of others. In some cases this type of mental health treatment is not an option, either because of the type of mental disorder present or because of the severity of the symptoms.


Inpatient mental health treatment is reserved for individuals who must be hospitalized, to keep themselves safe or to protect the public. This treatment is only used as a last resort, unless there are substance abuse issues in addition to the mental disorder. A dual diagnosis is a legitimate reason for inpatient mental health treatment, even if the symptoms are not urgent or severe. Treating a mental disorder when there are also substance abuse issues becomes much more difficult.


If you or someone you love needs mental health treatment you should not delay getting help. Over time these disorders can become worse, causing more severe symptoms. A dual diagnosis often means a combination of medications and other therapy types for mental health treatment that is effective and successful. Outpatient treatment is usually not as effective when the goal is treating both the mental disorder and the substance abuse, and can lead to a high failure rate.


Mental disorders are serious illnesses which require mental health treatment for recovery, and the chance of a normal life again. Many people with this type of disorder may try to abuse drugs or alcohol in an attempt to feel better, but this does not work and will only cause the mental illness to become worse. Effective substance abuse treatment is needed, as well as treatment for the mental disorder, and if these two components are not both addressed then a full recovery can not be achieved.


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