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Dual- Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Disorders


dual diagnosisDual-Diagnosis and Co-Occurring disorders are commonly used terms which are interchangeable. Both describe a condition where people are affected by chemical dependency (addictions) and an emotional or psychiatric illness at the same time. People who have Co-occurring disorders often face a range of psychosocial issues, and often have more than two illnesses. Research has shown that more than 50% of people affected by addictive disorders also are affected by at least one other emotional or mental issue.



When treatment for these dual conditions does not occur simultaneously recovery is much more difficult. Often addiction treatment and mental health programs only treat one condition and not the other. This makes the client’s treatment much less effective. At Valiant Recovery we treat all Co-Occuring disorders together to help provide our clients the best chance at permanent recovery.

Other commonly used terms include dual disorder, concurrent disorders.

Mental Illnesses Associated With Addiction