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Can You Afford A Luxury Drug Rehab

Can You Afford A Luxury Drug Rehab?


luxury, drug, rehabWhat does a luxury drug rehab offer that other addiction centers do not? How much does it cost to receive this upscale treatment? A luxury drug rehab can be expensive, and will usually cost much more than the typical facility, but the additional costs come with numerous additional benefits as well. For starters you will receive personal attention and individual treatment which is the best plan for you specifically, instead of having a standard treatment which is used for everyone. A luxury drug rehab understands that the cause of substance abuse is unique for each person, so the treatment plan offered should also be unique and tailored to you.


Successful professionals and famous individuals prefer a luxury drug rehab for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that facilities like Valiant Recovery offer treatment which works. Counseling is provided several times a week, with at least four hours of one on one counseling included, and the staff is much larger when compared to the number of individuals receiving treatment at any given time. A luxury drug rehab is typically a residential setting which is comfortably furnished and elegantly decorated, to create an elegant and luxurious environment expected by those who are successful, wealthy, or well known.


The in depth treatment you will receive at a luxury drug rehab greatly increases your chances for permanent success, with a much lower risk of substance abuse relapses after you are done with treatment. The extra cost is used to hire additional staff and addiction professionals, as well as paying for substantial upgrades in the facilities and the fine dining available. A luxury drug treatment program can provide successful professionals with substance abuse treatment, without any sacrifices in lifestyle or comfort, and the extra costs involved are used to make you stay better and your recovery more pleasant. You will find many amenities and opportunities at a luxury drug rehab that you can not find in most facilities, and you will pay more but you will also get much more in return.


Luxury drug rehabs are most often privately run. Private rehabs are priced according to the treatment given, location and amenities, and most do not receive funding from the government or other sources. Being private offers the facility and counselors more freedom in tailoring their clients treatment options, rather then following an outlined agenda or program. The program will be much more then just life skills, addiction education and the traditional 12 steps. By not receiving funding from outside sources they are also able to offer greater anonymity for each individual whom comes into the program, privacy is also increased when a facility limits there intake to smaller numbers. The term “you get what you pay for”, definitely applies to rehabilitation facility.


Measuring cost, one needs to look at the length of time needed to complete a recovery program, and also the length of time in which they will incur loss of income. Many facilities only offer one general program, where everyone receives the same treatment. There are often very large groups and a lack of individual therapy, which in turn takes the client a much longer time to receive the adequate therapy they desperately need. This slows down the process of recovery and it is very common for the addict to spend 6 months or even years in a program. At a luxury drug rehab facility like Valiant Recovery, focus is placed on the individual and their specific needs, expediting the process of their individual treatment.


A luxury drug rehab can help you get your life and your professional career headed in the right direction, and can help keep you free from substance abuse even after you have finished the recovery process. Valiant Recovery offers programs designed to help you deal with your substance abuse permanently, and these programs are designed to address all of your recovery needs, including spiritual, emotional, and physical. This is crucial for complete recovery, and without addressing even one of these elements your recovery may fail or lead to relapses. The real question instead as a successful professional is “can you afford not to use a luxury drug rehab?”


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