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Why Marijuana is a Concern

Cannabis, or marijuana, has become a popular topic of conversation lately. As the United States has made a move toward more states making it legal, it has brought up discussions of it is really safe. By a portion of society, marijuana is seen as being similar to alcohol. It is seen as more of a social and recreational thing as opposed to a hard drug, such as cocaine or meth. For this reason, it is commonly used across all ages. In fact, after alcohol it is the most widely used substance in Canada. And unfortunately, the use is commonly seen among young people.

Chronic marijuana use, however, is associated with side effects such as memory, thinking and attention difficulties. Furthermore, these side effects are most commonly seen when marijuana use began in early adolescence. While it might seem like the “cool” thing to do or be seemingly harmless, drugs and alcohol don’t come without side effects. Be in the know about what you, and/or your child are exposing themselves to and the potential dangers and risks that come along with that.

Why Marijuana is a Concern in Canada - infographic