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What is Gambling Addiction?

When you think of gambling, you likely think of it as more of a game. People go to Vegas to gamble big, people gamble with their friends at home, and people gamble at more common hangouts like the horse races. However, did you realize that gambling can actually be an addiction to? Just like drugs, alcohol, food or pornography, someone can have develop an actual addiction to gambling. And, it can be hard to break.

One of the main downfalls to gambling is that it can get you in major issues financially. When someone suffers from a gambling addiction, they lose sight of what is important and no longer focus on the fact that they could pay their mortgage with what they are about to gamble away. Suddenly, they become completely engulfed in the game and the idea that if they win, they could potentially turn that bet into more money.

However, gambling can be detrimental mentally, too. It is an addiction, after all. Check out this infographic to learn more about a gambling addiction and familiarize yourself with what it actually is.

What is Gambling Addiction? Infographic