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What are Synthetic Cathinones (Bath Salts)

When people hear the term “bath salts,” their minds generally go to the small, sometimes colored crystals you put in your bath water to make it smell good, to make it more relaxing and to make your skin softer. However, more recently, a different thought likely comes to mind. Synthetic cathinones, commonly referred to as bath salts on the streets, are now a drug that people are abusing. Like other drugs, it hosts an array of dangerous side effects and can truly alter the actions and personality of a person.

Synthetic cathinones are a part of a group of psychoactive substances, specifically, a group of mind-altering substances that have no legitimate medical use and are made to mimic the effects of a controlled substance. These are just purely created to get people high. The dangers of drugs are incredibly high, and those dangers are only increased when the drug is synthetic. The effects can be made much stronger and very unique. Because these drugs are not regulated by any governmental agency, it is very easy to overdose and/or be seriously affected by them. Keep reading to see what the effects of bath salts are on the brain.

What are Bath Salts "Synthetic Cathinones" - Infographic