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Smoking and the Effects on the Body

Smoking has dwindled down some in popularity – at least when it comes to traditional cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes used to be promoted as the “cool” thing to do, everyone who was someone did it, or so it appeared. However, we have now learned of some of the dangers of smoking cigarettes. While this has helped decrease the numbers of cigarette smokers, other ways have now come out to smoke tobacco. These new methods include hookah smoking and vaping; however, while they are marketed to be “healthier,” this is not necessarily the case.

The reality of it is that these methods of smoking still include the tobacco. While the method of inhalation might be a little better for your lungs, the ingestion of tobacco is still just as dangerous. The effects are not always seen immediately, but tobacco and smoking do take a toll on the body. Even if the risks are lower, they are still there and you never know what might happen to you until it does. It is important that you understand just what it is that is happening to your body when you smoke – it might just change your mind about smoking again.

Smoking and The Effects Body - Infographic