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Opiate Strength

Morphine has long been used to treat pain in patients – from surgery recovery to broken bones to various other strong pains that required medical intervention when it comes to pain management. However, it has started to become more and more apparent just how strong morphine really is, which is why it is prescribed in small doses and not prescribed like a common pain reliever, such as Tylenol. But can you imagine something being even stronger than Morphine? Well, opioids are. Imagine how careful medical professionals must be when prescribing opioids taking into consideration how careful they have to be with opioids. So why would anyone willingly take opioids in large amounts and abuse them?

Addiction takes a strong hold on people and this is a prime example. Morphine is strong, but opioids are stronger. With powerful opioids, you run the risk of accidental overdose and even death, however, the risk is not necessarily eliminated with weaker opioids either. The best option is to avoid opioids altogether and get help, if needed.

Here are the five opioids stronger than Morphine:

Opiate Strengths Infographic