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How Opiates Affect the Health Care System

One thing not often considered is how drug addictions and drugs themselves affect the health care system. When someone experiences an overdose, they are likely taken to the hospital and various resources, people, and time go into saving them. Let’s take a look specifically at how opioids affect the health care system. According to research from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), there were at least 602 apparent opioid-related deaths across the country just from January to March 2017. That is only a three-month time span during which 602 people appeared to have died due to opioid-related causes. Over the past 10 years, opioids have increased hospitalization rates by 53 percent.

The proof is in the numbers – opioids are a real issue in our society today and they are having an impact on our health care system. We are using several resources and a lot of time to continue this fight against opioids. Sadly, it is the younger generation being affected by these. The fastest growing rate of hospitalization due to opioids is among the age group of 15-24. Your children, family members, and peers could be at risk. Don’t let the ones you love fall into the trap of opioids.

How Opiods affect the health care system - Infographic