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Dangers of Cocaine

Cocaine was once a popular party drug, especially in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It is commonly thought of as being done by people with money, as it is known as a “rich man’s drug” and associated with being sniffed through rolled up cash. However, cocaine addiction is real and the physical effects of using cocaine are extensive and even deadly. You might have heard of cocaine referred to by one of its street names – coke, crack or blow. Despite which name is being used though, the drug is still powerful.

Cocaine users take the drug in a variety of ways – orally, intranasally, intravenously, or via inhalation. A few side effects include nausea, narrowed blood vessels, and/or an increased heart rate. You have probably heard this before, but it only takes one time. Cocaine does not have to be used continuously over a period of time to find yourself in danger. It only takes once, and you never know when that one time could have quite a dangerous and long-lasting outcome.

Check out the infographic for a basic overview of the dangers of cocaine.

Dangers of Cocaine - Infographic