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Body Parts Affected by Alcohol

When you think of the effects of alcohol, you likely think of feeling a little tipsy, being unable to drive, and maybe even waking up with a headache or full-blown hangover the next day. Oftentimes, we drink one night, wake up with a hangover, eat some greasy food and drink some water and go on about our life. But do you ever stop and consider why you have that hangover and feel so bad? Do you consider what is actually taking place in your body that is making you feel that way? Or even what is taking place in your body that you might not even feel happening, but it is still going on?

It isn’t really a mystery that alcohol is not harmless, most people know it is harmful to your liver over time. However, it seems as though most people just think it is greatly damaging to your body if you are an alcoholic your entire life. The truth is, alcohol affects your body nearly every time you drink it, and the more often you drink, the more often it affects you. Learn more about what alcohol does to your brain, heart, liver and pancreas.

Body Parts Effected by Alcohol

Organs Effected by Alcohol Consumption