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All About Meth

Meth is probably one of the most common drugs that comes to mind when you think of drug addicts. Along with cocaine, it is one that is commonly abused and therefore commonly mentioned as well. But what do you know about meth aside from the name and that it is addictive? Let’s break it down. Methamphetamine – also known as meth for a shorter, more common name – is a highly addictive stimulant that directly effects a person’s central nervous system (CNS). The central nervous system is the complex make-up of nerve tissues, consisting of the brain and spinal cord, that are responsible for controlling the activities of the body. Because meth is such a powerful drug and effects such a vital part of the body, meth users can experience a wide array of systems. These systems can be found in a variety of areas of the body and range from short term to long term effects. A few of these effects and changes include: rapid heart rate, hallucinations, dry mouth, vomiting, and even organ damage.

While the drug might seem of interest at the time, is it really worth harming your body and potentially harming it for life? The dangers of drugs go far beyond getting caught and getting in trouble with the law. The dangers of drugs are physical, mental, and emotional changes that could last a short time or maybe even a lifetime.

All About Methamphetamine (Meth) - Infographic