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Alcohol Use Disorder

Do you ever wish you could take a step back and see yourself how others see you? There are times where that could be beneficial, as it would give us that much more additional insight as to how we are perceived, how we act, and maybe even why we do the things we do. But unfortunately, that is not the case. And when it comes to addiction, or even just a disorder, it would be especially helpful. But luckily, you can pause for a moment and do some self-examination.

Aside from alcohol addiction, there is also alcohol use disorder which can develop into a full-blown addiction as time progresses. This is a tell-tale sign that you really do have a problem and need to start getting help immediately. Take a look at this infographic for the symptoms of alcohol use disorder to do a self-evaluation and consider if you might be suffering from this. This infographic also includes some of the effects of alcohol use disorder which could help you understand why getting help is so very important.

Alcohol Use Disorder - AUD