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 substance addiction treatment V4V 1E7 BC

We understand that choosing a recovery program is a very important decision that will affect the rest of your life. Choosing the right home will lead to a lasting recovery, free from addictions; however choosing the wrong recovery path may lead to more frustrations, relapses, and even death.

At Valiant we care and want you to fulfill your life’s purpose. Let us help alter your destiny from one of desperation, to a life of hope and freedom.

We welcome you!

Do you or a Loved one need help?

Addictions not only affect the addicted but also those around them. Getting help for yourself or your loved one may be one of the most important decisions you  addiction recovery V4V 1E7 BCwill ever make. Addictions cause destruction to your mind, body and spirit, and may lead to death. Let’s take courage and boldly ask for help today.


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 Individual Counseling Sessions. rehabilitation facility British Columbia BC

At Valiant we want to take care of you, and those you love! We provide a minimum of 4 hours a week of individual one on one counseling services in our Luxury program.


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