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Lawyers Struggling With Addiction May Have Special Needs

Lawyers Struggling With Addiction May Have Special Needs


addiction rehab V4V 1E7 Lawyers Struggling With Addiction May Have Special NeedsSubstance abuse among attorneys is much higher than the general public realizes, and there are a number of reasons why lawyers struggling with addiction are so prevalent. While approximately 10% of the general population of the USA will experience substance abuse issues, this rate jumps up to between 15% and 18% among attorneys. Part of this substantial difference is attributed to the high levels of stress that lawyers have, and another factor involved is that most attorneys do not undergo employment drug screening because they have their own practice. This creates a situation where the attorney may be able to hide their addiction successfully for much longer.


Suicide and depression are very common symptoms for lawyers struggling with addiction, and suicide is rated the third highest cause of death for lawyers. This statistic is staggering, and one of the reasons that suicide is chosen is because the attorney may not feel there is a way out of the addiction without having their lives and careers ruined. A recent survey showed that between 9% and 11% of lawyers consider suicide each month, and that more than half of these professionals would choose a different career if given the opportunity. Substance abuse among attorneys is a serious problem, but there is help and treatment available.


One reason that lawyers struggling with addiction may not seek help is due to fear that their license or ability to practice law may be suspended or revoked, and another is that most treatment facilities for substance abuse among attorneys are not up to the standards expected by these professionals. Most facilities do not offer extensive one on one counseling, or have state of the art physical fitness facilities to speed up the recovery process. Instead lower cost facilities may only offer a small staff, little personal attention and one on one treatment, and few opportunities for physical activity.


If you are one of the many lawyers struggling with addiction then you want a treatment center that specializes in discreet services in a luxurious setting, and this is what you will receive at Valiant Recovery. Personal attention and individual counseling are crucial in the recovery process, and so is an atmosphere that is relaxing and inviting. Substance abuse among attorneys is a big problem, one that can affect your ability to practice. Luxurious treatment centers for lawyers struggling with addiction offer facilities that are state of the art, with treatments that have been shown to be highly effective. The higher cost of these centers means more staff and specialists available for treatment that is highly effective, as well as luxury accommodations and food choices.