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Is There Help For Attorneys Struggling With Addiction?

Is There Help For Attorneys Struggling With Addiction?


attorney, lawyer, addiction, recovery, professionalThe number of attorneys struggling with addiction is astounding. A conservative estimate is that fifteen percent of all practicing attorneys struggle with a substance abuse problem. Attorneys struggling with addiction face special needs and concerns that most individuals do not have, and specialized treatment is required for an effective and permanent recovery. Professionals have higher standards concerning privacy, luxurious accommodations, dining options, and personal attention, and any treatment program for attorneys struggling with addiction must address these factors to be successful. Most rehab centers do not have the budget, the professional staff, the physical fitness facilities, or the customized treatment plan to permanently eliminate your substance abuse issues.


For lawyers struggling with alcoholism admitting substance abuse may cause fears of not being able to practice, or having their business reputation tarnished. If you are worried about this then you should seek treatment right away, at an upscale facility like Valiant Recovery where a substance abuse program for professionals can help you get your life back. If you are one of the thousands of attorneys struggling with addiction there is a treatment program that works, if you are willing to pay more than what the typical rehab charges. Effective treatment is more costly, but for attorneys struggling with addiction the cost is far cheaper than paying for a treatment that does not work.


If you are one of the barristers struggling with addiction there may be many factors involved in your decision to seek treatment. The loss of your law license, business reputation, and career, as well as the harmful effects the addiction has on your personal life and family, are all reasons you may choose to get help. A program designed for professionals, including attorneys struggling with substance abuse, is designed to help you cope with the unique stresses and other factors that you deal with daily.


Attorneys fighting with addiction require individualized treatment plans, which factor in the professional responsibilities and high stress occupation involved. A typical rehab can not efficiently help these professionals heal and recover completely, because of a lack of funds and a minimum of treatment options in addition to the lack of privacy and dignity. At Valiant Recovery we know which treatment methods are the most effective in treating attorneys struggling with addiction, and how to help you reach a permanent recovery so that you do not relapse after you finish the program. To be successful in life and your career you must be sober, and we can help you reach this goal.