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Help For Physicians Struggling With Addiction

Help For Physicians Struggling With Addiction


physician, doctor, addiction, addicted doctors, rehab, treatmentPhysicians struggling with addiction may face unique issues and concerns when it comes to receiving treatment. As a medical professional there are many stresses and pressures faced every day, and in some cases this can contribute to an addiction. Nurses struggling with alcoholism may also have licensing and patient concerns, and worry that someone will find out about the substance abuse. The statistics show that physicians struggling with addiction are common, much more common than many people believe. As a physician it is sometimes easier to hide the signs of substance abuse for a longer time, but eventually the addiction will ruin your career, your reputation, and your life if you let it.


If you are one of the many physicians struggling with addiction there is help available, and you can eliminate the addiction from your life once and for all. A typical rehab center is not usually ideal, because of the crowded conditions, large number of patients, and ineffective treatments offered. Physicians struggling with addiction can not afford relapses, and this is a common result with a typical rehab. The importance of a complete recovery is paramount, and there are very few facilities which can offer this for physicians struggling with addiction.


Valiant Recovery is a substance abuse treatment center designed for Surgeons battling with addiction, as well as other business professionals and individuals who need a recovery which is complete and that lasts. We can help you get your life back to where you want it, and we offer a treatment program that addresses all of the addiction roots. We are an upscale facility, so physicians struggling with addiction receive personal attention from a caring staff, in a setting which is appropriate for your status as a doctor. This allows you more time to focus on treatment, and work on eliminating your substance abuse for good.


Doctors struggling with alcoholism may be hesitant to admit help is needed, and we understand how difficult this can be. We offer a treatment program that allows you to retain your dignity, and instead of crowded conditions you will find a luxurious setting and fine dining experiences. One on one counseling for a minimum of four hours each week helps you work through your substance abuse issues effectively, and other therapies help you heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This provide a complete recovery, for physicians struggling with addiction as well as others. The cost of effective treatment is more than a typical rehab, but how much is permanent sobriety worth to you?