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Treatment For Doctors Struggling With Addiction

Treatment For Doctors Struggling With Addiction


Physicians with substance abuse problems are much more common than many people may believe. Statistics show that doctors struggling with addiction make up 8%-15% of all physicians, and these medical professionals need treatment that is specialized, because of the unique circumstances and easy access to drugs. The highest rate of substance abuse among medical professionals occurs among those who specialize in emergency medicine and anesthesiology, but even general practitioners and pediatricians are not immune to this issue. Often the substance abuse may start small, and the doctor may justify the drug use, but then the problem can start to interfere with patient care or affect the life of the physician and those around them.


Physicians fighting with addiction are common because these medical professionals have almost unlimited access to drugs. Physicians with substance abuse problems may be hesitant to ask for help, for fear of losing their medical license or ability to practice, especially if the drugs being abused are strictly controlled substances. Doctors with a substance abuse problem may want help but want to do so discreetly, in a setting that reflects their status and special considerations. Luxury substance abuse treatment centers can offer options that are not available in most facilities, as well as more intense and effective treatment and personal attention.


It is common for doctors struggling with addiction to successfully hide the signs of this substance abuse from others, but this does not mean the problem does not exist. Luxury treatment centers offer physicians with substance abuse problems a discreet way to eliminate the addiction, and get their lives and careers back on track. High end treatment facilities offer one on one counseling that is much more extensive than most facilities, with a minimum of four hours a week, so the treatment and recovery process is successful and the addiction is completely treated. These substance abuse centers have a much higher success rate than those which offer treatment at a lower cost, and for physicians this is an important factor.


Successful treatment is crucial for doctors struggling with alcoholism, whether the substance being abused is alcohol, opiates, or another type. Valiant Recovery offers treatment for physicians with substance abuse problems, in a setting that is luxurious and that encourages physical and mental well being. The staff to patient ratio is very low, and the facilities offer a wide range of options and activities to help the recovery process. Doctors struggling with addiction expect a certain standard because of their status, and that is exactly what is offered at Valiant Recovery. If you are a doctor or medical professional there is help available, and substance abuse can be treated with luxurious facilities and caring staff so you fully recover from your addiction.

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