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Doctors Struggling With Addiction Face Unusual Challenges And Considerations

Doctors Struggling With Addiction Face Unusual Challenges And Considerations


doctors, addiction, physician, rehab, recovery, professionalDoctors struggling with addiction are much more common than most of the public realizes, and there are unusual challenges and unique considerations when a doctor has addiction. If you are a physician who has addiction issues you may be worried about admitting this problem. Doctors struggling with addiction worry about losing the ability to practice in their chosen field, and reputation also plays a big part in refusing to admit help is needed. Physicians deal with high levels of stress and enormous responsibilities on a daily basis, and as many as ten to fifteen percent of physicians are struggling with addiction in some form. This may be alcohol, drugs, sex, or some other harmful compulsion.


Doctors struggling with addiction have special treatment expectations, and are accustomed to certain luxuries and amenities that are essential. For doctors found with addiction the results of any treatment program are critical. As a physician you can not afford a relapse, or else everything that you have worked so hard for could slip away simply because of your addiction. A typical rehab will not work, for a number of reasons. Doctors wrestling with alcoholism require complete privacy and discretion, and this can not be found in a rehab that has numerous patients from all walks of life and criminal backgrounds.


Another consideration for doctors struggling with drug addiction is the environment and setting. A luxury rehab that offers a program designed specifically for the stresses and pressures faced by physicians is the best choice. Valiant Recovery is this facility, and the program offered for doctors struggling with addiction includes tools to prevent any relapse in the future. Stress management, anger management, and other tools are provided, so that the physicians can go back to the hectic world of medicine completely recovered and fully healed. Your recovery is priceless, and as a doctor you can afford only the best treatment available anywhere. That is what Valiant Recovery can give you.


Doctors fighting with addiction require intensive and in depth counseling, and this includes individual counseling. The compassionate and professional staff at Valiant Recovery understands the special circumstances and considerations that you have, and can help you find the peace you are looking for. Addiction does not have to be a part of your life forever, and we offer a specific program aimed at helping doctors struggling with addiction eliminate this problem for good. If sobriety is essential, and a failure could cost you everything, why would you choose anything less than the absolute best?