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Addiction, AlcoholAll drug and alcohol rehab programs each offer specific therapy options, and these can be very limited or very extensive,
depending on the facility chosen. Ideally the program that you choose will offer a wide variety of therapy choices, because each addiction is different and is caused by a unique combination of factors. Many drug and alcohol rehab programs may offer the basics, but that is it. These programs normally provide group therapy and sometimes family therapy, but are very limited in what is offered beyond this. A better choice is an upscale and effective drug and alcohol rehab like Valiant Recovery, which offers many therapy choices to engage in along your path to recovery. We provide a customized drug and alcohol rehab treatment plan, to meet your specific needs. This is the only way that true recovery is possible, the kind which lasts a lifetime and is the ultimate goal of treatment. Our therapy options cover a wide range of activities, unlike a typical drug and alcohol rehab program. Art therapy is used to allow you to express yourself, and deal with negative emotions that are contributing to your addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment also includes experiential therapy, which has proven to be very beneficial. Working with nature can be a very enjoyable experience, as well as one that is extremely therapeutic for substance abuse. Our drug and alcohol rehab program also includes therapies which address all of the relapse factors and