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Drug addiction treatment centers in Florida come in all shapes and sizes, and will have varying success rates and relapse statistics. Florida is a beautiful state, with plenty of sun, beaches, and gorgeous weather, and this state can be the ideal place to look for drug addiction treatment centers. Addiction, Drug, floridaIf you live in another state, or even another country, then Florida can be a good location for chosen drug addiction treatment centers. Distance can prevent a relapse, especially if air travel is required to return home. Difficult travel arrangements are a good motivator to stay in treatment until the program is complete. Many drug addiction treatment centers in Florida offer a limited range of treatment options, but few offer therapy and treatment methods that actually give superior results. One of the most important factors with drug addiction treatment centers is the therapies that will be used, because research shows one on one individual counseling is the most effective treatment possible. This type of rehab program is typically very expensive though, because of the high cost of hours of counseling sessions each week. While drug addiction treatment centers usually offer group sessions most do not feature individual counseling, so a true recovery and complete healing can not take place. Valiant Recovery drug addiction treatment centers can be found in a number of locations, including the newest facility in Venice, Florida. Addiction is a serious