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What Is Oxycontin? Help for Addiction


Oxycontin abuse, prescription abuse, opiatesWhat Is Oxycontin?


What is Oxycontin? Oxycontin is a very strong medication that is legally available by prescription only. What is Oxycontin classified as? This drug is classified as a narcotic pain reliever, and it is prescribed for moderate to severe pain, as well as chronic pain. The drug works similar to morphine and other narcotics used to treat pain. What is Oxycontin? It is a drug which may be legally prescribed, and is normally only used when the pain experienced is expected to last for an extended period of time. This drug also has many other names, and these include Dazidox, Roxicodone, Endocodone, Percolone, and Oxyfast as well as others.


What is Oxycontin prescribed for if this drug can be so dangerous? Many medical conditions can involve intense pain of a chronic nature, and this pain will last for an extended time. Proper pain management is crucial. What is Oxycontin abuse? Oxycontin abuse occurs when the drug is taken without a valid prescription or legitimate need. Even with a valid prescription the drug can be abused, and it has a high street value. What is Oxycontin addiction? An addiction occurs when the drug abuse results in withdrawal symptoms if the Oxycontin use is stopped.


What is Oxycontin overdose? An overdose of Oxycontin is often fatal, and this drug shuts down the central nervous system. Just like morphine and other narcotics Oxycontin can cause a depression in respiration, and if the dose taken is too large the result can be respiratory distress, respiratory arrest, and death. May individuals with substance abuse issues that involve narcotics are willing to pay one dollar a gram or even more on the street for the drug. What is Oxycontin? One of the most addictive drugs used today, and one that has both legal and illegal uses. This drug is responsible for a significant amount of criminal activity.


What is Oxycontin? One of the drugs seen most often in overdose cases in Emergency Rooms across the United States. An addiction to this drug is responsible for child neglect and abuse, domestic violence, financial and legal trouble, health problems, and many other issues. The answer to what is Oxycontin is that this is a drug that should only be used very cautiously, and never without being under the close medical supervision of a physician. If you or someone you know has a problem with Oxycontin, or any other substance, then Valiant Recovery can help.


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