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What Is Drug Detox And Why Is It Necessary?

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What Is Drug Detox And Why Is It Necessary?


Drug detox is the process of eliminating all of the drug residues and build up from your system. It is not possible to work through treatment for drug abuse or addiction until you have finished a drug detox. Usually this is the first step with any program, and it is normally provided in the medically supervised setting at the place where you will be receiving treatment. Any treatment that does not complete detoxification first can not be effective, because the drug residues still in your system will cause you to relapse in most cases. Drug detox allows all of the toxins and chemicals from the drugs to leave your body, so that you are clean and sober when the therapy and treatment part of rehab starts.


In most cases your drug detox will start as soon as you check into the program you have chosen for treatment. Normally these facilities have medical professionals on staff and available during the detoxification process. Some drugs can cause fatal complications during withdrawals, including heroin, so it is important that drug detox in these cases is only done under close medical supervision. Typically any complications are treated right at the facility, and when you are finally drug free you can start to work on the causes of your drug use. Drug detox is needed to give you the best possible chance of success, and the lowest risk of a relapse.


There are numerous methods and techniques used for drug detox purposes, and each may have advantages and drawbacks. During the detoxification period it is normal for you to experience discomfort and many different withdrawal symptoms, and the facility can help you work through these so that you can start on the road to recovery. After drug detox is complete this is often the first time in months, or even years, that the client has been completely clean and sober. This is essential so that true healing and a full recovery can finally take place.


Valiant Recovery offers one of the top drug detox and treatment facilities found anywhere in the world, with a proven history of success and an upscale setting and facility. We can help you through this difficult time, and we only use the most effective methods and techniques in your treatment so that you reach your goals. We offer drug detox that is safe and effective, while controlling and minimizing your withdrawal symptoms and preventing any medical complications. After the detoxification process the real work begins, and we will help you uncover the invisible wounds that result in the addiction and eliminate them.