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Types Of Drug Rehabilitation Programs

drug rehab, inpatient rehabilitationTypes Of Drug Rehabilitation Programs


Drug rehabilitation programs can vary a lot, and there are many types of programs available for anyone who has a substance abuse problem. The first difference between these programs is inpatient versus outpatient. Some drug rehabilitation facilities only offer outpatient treatment. These programs may meet every day for many hours at a time or only meet once or twice a week for an hour or two, depending on the specific drug rehabilitation program. This type of treatment is not ideal, because you leave and are exposed to temptation when you are most susceptible, and this can often lead to drug rehabilitation efforts that fail instead of succeed.


Inpatient drug rehabilitation is recommended if you have a substance abuse problem, for many reasons, This type of program offers around the clock treatment and care, and is normally much more effective than outpatient drug rehabilitation. The additional levels of support and services offered by this program, combined with a more intense therapy schedule, offers better results. Even with inpatient facilities there can be a big difference in success levels, costs, and types of drug rehabilitation methods and treatment options offered. Some facilities offer only group sessions, with few other treatments available, while other programs may offer a diverse variety of treatments to help you recover completely.


The most effective drug rehabilitation programs offer spiritual counseling and individual one on one counseling sessions, in addition to the other types. This is one of the reasons why Valiant Recovery has such a high success rate, and why permanent recovery is possible with the program we offer. A lot of the drug rehabilitation programs do not provide spiritual treatment, and this can leave a void in the healing process. This void can cause future relapses, and for this to be prevented a treatment program must address all of the factors leading to substance abuse.


There are many types of drug rehabilitation to choose from, but if you want results that last a program like the one at Valiant Recovery offers the best hope of reaching this goal. To succeed at eliminating substance abuse the cost does not come cheap. Professionals such as individual counselors can charge a hundred and fifty dollars or more an hour, depending on their experience and specialty. Any drug rehabilitation program that actually works permanently will cost more because of these additional expenses. These costs are also one reason why individual counseling is not offered with many rehab programs. An upscale facility will normally offer this though, making them a better choice in most cases if your budget can afford it.