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When Substance Abuse Treatment Is Needed ?


substance abuse treatmentWhen Substance Abuse Treatment Is Needed


Substance abuse treatment is important if drug or alcohol abuse is a problem. How can you tell if you or a loved one needs this type of program or not? There are some signs that may indicate that a substance abuse treatment program is warranted, and these may or may not be obvious. Many people hide their use of drugs or alcohol, so that few are aware of the problem. If you or someone you know have any of the following symptoms then you may need to seek substance abuse treatment:


  • Drugs or alcohol use interferes with your relationships
  • Substance abuse causes you to neglect work, school, home, or family responsibilities
  • Legal trouble results from alcohol or drug use
  • Drugs are used to self medicate
  • You take risks or participate in dangerous activities when drunk or high on drugs
  • Substance abuse has taken control of your life
  • Your career or future is threatened because of your substance abuse
  • You use drugs or alcohol to prevent any withdrawal symptoms
  • You know substance abuse is damaging your life and health but you can not seem to stop
  • It takes more drugs or alcohol to get the safe effect because you have developed a tolerance


If any of the symptoms above apply to you or a loved one then substance abuse treatment should be received. This leads to another question, which substance abuse treatment center or program should you choose? This will depend on what your goals and budget are. An upscale substance abuse treatment center offers a much higher rate of success as well as many other benefits, but these programs do cost more than the typical government run programs. A Christian rehab like Valiant Recovery also address the spiritual aspects of substance abuse treatment, not just the physical and mental aspects. This is important for a full recovery, and a substance free future.


If your budget allows for a luxury substance abuse treatment center the cost is well worth it, because the risk of a relapse after you leave is much lower. At Valiant Recovery we offer a treatment plan that is customized to your individual needs, and substance abuse treatment that includes hours of one on one counseling each week. An elegant and luxurious setting and a staff that is caring yet highly professional allows you to get the personal attention you deserve. The substance abuse treatment program at Valiant Recovery gets you on the road to true recovery, without sacrificing comfort or dignity.