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Prescription Drug Abuse Is A Rising Problem – VALIANT RECOVERY

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Prescription Drug Abuse Is A Rising Problem


Prescription drug abuse is quickly becoming one of the most common forms of drug abuse today, and this increase has caused concern among medical professionals and members of society. Emergency rooms are seeing many more overdose cases, and the criminal courts are also seeing a rise in crime related to prescription drug abuse. In some cases this substance abuse starts out with a legitimate prescription, normally for a pain medication or other type of drug with a high abuse potential. In other cases prescription drug abuse is done intentionally for the effect that the drug gives.


One way that prescription drug abuse increases crime is that if the individual with an addiction can not get the drugs legally they will turn to other means. Many prescription medications are stolen each year, either through deceit or force, and pharmacies have become prime robbery targets due to prescription drug abuse. Another factor which is involved in this equation is the fact that many newer drugs intended to treat cancer and other painful conditions are extremely strong. When these drugs are involved with prescription drug abuse the end result is commonly death from an overdose. Oxycontin is one of these very powerful narcotics, and this drug has a very high addiction and danger potential.


Pain medications are not the only form that prescription drug abuse takes. Some drugs are stimulants and are used to get an upper or energetic effect. Some of the medications prescribed to children for ADHD include amphetamines, and these drugs are common targets with prescription drug abuse because of this effect. Depressants or sedatives are also frequently abused, and these can include Valium, Xanax, Librium, and many others. Just because drug can not be purchased without a prescription does not mean there is not a market for the drug on the street.


There is help available for prescription drug abuse, and this problem does not have to destroy your life. Valiant Recovery is an upscale treatment facility which can help you successfully overcome your issues with prescription drug abuse. You do not have to fight this battle alone, our professional staff is ready to assist you in reaching your goals, no matter what substance abuse problem you may have. There are many different reasons why prescription drugs are abused, and the rise in this trend is alarming because of the effects on the user and on society in general.