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Alcoholism Treatment Drugs Can Be Very Effective

Alcoholism Treatment Drugs Can Be Very Effective

Alcoholism treatment drugs have made significant advances in the last decade or so, and today there are a number of options that can help anyone kick an alcohol addiction more effectively. Right now there are just 3 alcoholism treatment drugs that drug and alcohol treatment V4V 1E7 BC alcohol dependence treatment can be effectivehave received FDA approval, and none of these medications are designed to treat someone who continues to drink while taking the prescribed medication. Anyone with an alcohol addiction that continues using this substance will not be a candidate for alcoholism treatment drugs, and the medications should not be prescribed until the detox period has been passed. This ensures that these drugs are not used together with alcohol.


One of the alcoholism treatment drugs available was the first drug created in this category, called Disulfiram, This medication also goes by the name Antabuse, and if alcohol is consumed by an individual on this medication then a serious adverse reaction will occur and the individual may become violently ill. This drug only works on alcohol, unlike one of the other alcoholism treatment drugs which may also help with opiate abuse and addiction. Disulfiram is the medication that has been studied most since it was the first drug designed to help curb alcohol addiction and help with recovery.


Naltrexone is another one of the approved alcoholism treatment drugs. This medication acts differently then Disulfiram and does not make the user ill. Instead Naltrexone works by preventing the user from feeling the high that alcohol or opiate drugs cause. This medication is one of the most effective alcoholism treatment drugs available on the market, and it causes a negative association with alcohol use. No matter how much the user drinks the normal intoxicating effects will not occur. Naltrexone also works with opiate addictions including heroin and cocaine abuse as well. This drug can be found under the brand names Depade, Revia, and Vivitrol for the extended release form.


The last medication that has FDA approval for alcoholism treatment drugs is Acamprosate, which may also be found under the brand name of Campral. This is the newest of the alcoholism treatment drugs, and Campral can help with many of the physical and mental symptoms that drinking cessation can cause. There are several options if alcohol addiction or dependence occurs, and each individual is different and unique. One of the approved medications may work very well in one case but not offer the same results for others.