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Drug Detox First Or Straight Into Treatment?

Drug Detox First Or Straight Into Treatment?

Is drug detox really necessary? A common dilemma is whether you should go through drug detox and then start treatment or if you should skip the detox step and go straight to the treatment option. The reason for detoxification Kelowna substance abuse rehab detoxis to remove all traces of drugs and alcohol from your system, so that you are not going through powerful cravings while you are in treatment trying to recover. Detoxifaction will help flush any substances from your body, so that you do not have a high risk of leaving rehab looking for drugs or alcohol. As long as you have any residue in your body the cravings will be much stronger.


Most experts agree that drug detoxifacation is needed, but this does not have to happen at a separate program from where your treatment will be given. Many substance abuse treatment programs combine the chemical detox and the treatment element in the same program. When you first arrive your needs should be assessed, and then an appropriate and customized treatment plan should be developed according to your specific factors and requirements. You may spend a week or more in drug detox before you start your therapy in earnest, because this has been shown to be the most effective.


Drug detox does not mean that you do not do anything during this period, because you will typically undergo a physical fitness program as well as nutritional counseling. These steps can help speed up the passage of the drugs from your system, so that you get clean faster. Physical activity has another purpose during prescription drug detox as well, because when you exercise or are physically active then your brain is naturally flooded with feel good chemicals, and this can make any withdrawal symptoms easier to deal with. You should be under medical supervision during any detox period, and this is especially true with certain drugs that can have severe or fatal withdrawal symptoms.


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