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Alcohol Detox & Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol Detox: Withdrawal Symptoms Can Be Deadly If Not Properly Managed

alcohol detox, withdrawalAlcohol detox is the process of eliminating all traces of alcohol from the body, and while this sounds like a great thing it can cause both physical and psychological problems and
complications for someone who is a heavy drinker or has used alcohol daily for a long period of time. Because of this alcohol detox should only be attempted during treatment, and under the close watch of medical professionals. With proper medical care during the alcohol detox period the withdrawal symptoms and medical complications can be controlled, making it easier for you to stop drinking completely and allowing any treatment you receive to be much more effective.


Withdrawal symptoms experienced during alcohol detox can range from mild and bothersome to extremely serious with possibly fatal consequences. Not everyone will suffer from even one of these symptoms, and heavy drinkers may experience many at the same time. During alcohol detox you may feel nervous or jumpy for no reason, and it is common to experience shaking or tremors as well. Feeling irritable, anxious, and tired or depressed are also common mild symptoms of withdrawal. Sometimes alcohol detox can cause horrible nightmares, and you may feel foggy or have a problem thinking straight while withdrawing.


Other mild symptoms that you can experience during alcohol detox include a headache, and you may notice you are sweating even when it is not warm. Nausea is a common symptom, and many individuals withdrawing from alcohol will throw up. You may notice it is hard to get to sleep, or to stay that way all night. Heart palpitations, enlarged or dilated pupils, skin that feels cold and clammy, and twitching are all symptoms of withdrawal that are frequently seen during alcohol detox. Mild symptoms generally go away anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after you start to clean out, depending on how much and how often you were drinking before treatment.


One of the dangers during any alcohol detox program is that severe withdrawal symptoms and complications may occur. You can have visual hallucinations and become extremely confused and agitated. A high fever can develop in some cases, and convulsions and unusual brain activity can also occur from alcohol withdrawal. These are reasons why alcohol detox should always take place in a substance abuse treatment facility or medical facility. If you have a problem with alcohol then Valiant Recovery has a treatment program that can help you get clean, and stay that way for life.