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addiction, mental health, signsToday, in our modern culture, addiction is one of the toughest problems we face. We are constantly being told by the media that it is alright to drink alcohol, do drugs, and gratify our urges. All of this is promoted with a philosophy of “if it feels good, do it”.

Celebrities are shown in the media living by this philosophy, then being caught in video and pictures drunk and out of control, and eventually heading to rehab. Addiction seems common among our “popular” heros.



Just How Common Is Drug Addiction Really?


Trading Addictions: Know The Warning Signs

Trading addictions, also referred to as swapping, is a common problem that many people in recovery experience if they do not receive complete treatment that addresses the underlying cause of the addiction



You Can be Free From Your Addictions

At Valiant Recovery we believe you can be healed from your addictions. We do not believe that you have an “incurable disease.” We have designed our programs to maximize the success of your recovery.




When you are injured physically, the damage may be both external and internal. Some wounds are easily seen: bleeding, bruises, and swelling. Others cannot be seen with the eye, such as pulled muscles, deep tissue injuries, and damage to internal organs. Both the external and internal damage needs to be treated and cared for, so that the wounds will heal and not become infected or lead to long term problems.


At Valiant, we believe that the addictions are like the outside, visible wounds. Although the external wound does need to be treated, you must also heal what is not as obvious, the initial internal wound. If the hidden wounds inside are not cared for, the addictions may not fully heal.

Substance Abuse And Chemical Changes In Your Brain

Substance abuse causes your brain to adjust the production of chemicals, and in some cases normal brain function is not possible without the substance after the addiction is full blown. If you suffer from substance abuse issues and need help the chemical changes may may recovery difficult without the right type of detox and treatment. Depression, irrational thoughts, mood swings, emotional instability, and other symptoms of detox are signs that there is a chemical imbalance in your brain.

Mental Illnesses Associated With Addiction