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Therapeutic horseback riding


During a stay at Valiant Recovery we spend a day at one of the local equine stables. A specially trained riding instructor teaches our clients how to ride a horse and will guide them through other assisted Equine Activities.


horses, equine, therapy, riding, horse backridingTherapeutic horseback riding, also known as Equine Therapy, provides a rich emotional connection. It is beneficial to those suffering from cognitive, physical, and emotional conditions. It is used to improve coordination, focus, independence, confidence, motor and social skills, and teach companionship, responsibility, leadership, and educational skills. Horses provide us with a sense of protection and safety rather than the more harmful defenses of anger, isolation and avoidance. Horses have a calming effect, which enables the rider to let go of past or negative events, giving a positive experience. Horses also help people feel in control of their situation because there is a direct correlation between action and reaction.


To realize the benefits of Therapeutic horseback riding, you need to be willing to try something new, confront fears, and make adjustments to situations beyond your control. You will communicate with your horse in an non verbal manner, building a relationship with your horse, which can be very rewarding. Riding helps to empower and connect on a personal level, creating bonds of trust.